R&R Cultivation Gourmet Mushroom Mix

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0.5 lbs Mixed Local Gourmet Mushrooms

Each mixed gourmet mushroom pack will guarantee at least three different species of mushrooms and up to six depending on current availability. Whether you receive the versatile Oyster Mushroom, the tried-and-true Shiitake, or the beautiful Lion's Mane, your Gourmet Mushrooms will please.

 Our gourmet mushrooms can be added to main courses, served as sides to meat or fish dishes, and even eaten as a snack. The quality of these locally grown small-batch mushrooms is leaps and bounds above commercially produced button mushrooms from the grocery store, both in flavor and in nutritional value. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking Sunday dinner for the family, or planning a romantic candlelight meal, R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms should have a place on your table.