Cheese - Redhead Creamery Little Lucy Brie

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5 oz. package.

This smooth and creamy brie is a little special to us. Named after Lucas and Alise's daughter, Lucy - it's small, cute, and simply irresistible. Perfect for two to three people as an appetizer, on the grill, or baked with pistachios and balsamic, Little Lucy Brie will have you coming back for more.

This cheese con­tin­ues to break­down (or gets creamier) as it ages. Depend­ing on your taste, enjoy the Lit­tle Lucy brie while young for a more grassy, light mouthfeel. If you like it a bit more stinky and creamy, let it ripen in your fridge a lit­tle longer (1–2 weeks). It will con­tinue to break down from the out­side in and will be soft and gooey at room temperature.